• Beautiful Morning Ever

    Today isn't a normal day...
    It's like the first rain in the month of May...

    Early morning I woke up...... more »

  • Crush!

    I see why they call it a crush,
    Its like finding your shadow in the rush..

    I asked you your name,... more »

  • Deep Eyes

    When I look in your deep eyes...
    I forget my words, and Can't hear the blare noise...
    Destiny given me this lonley flow, against the stream...
    Living with hopes, cupid will accomplish my dream...... more »

  • Disappear

    From now I have to disappear..
    For this you have to prepare..
    I don't wanna leave you at all..
    But I don't wanna be reason for your fall...... more »

  • Dream

    I lost in the dream,
    Lost in the wind,
    Where im the only king...... more »

  • End

    I've removed the sweater that you've woven,
    I'm naked but not yet open.

    Free me up with the strings attached,... more »

  • Everyone's Story

    I'm ready to throw the words.
    On the ignored page..
    like a freedom of dove....
    flying away from the cage...... more »

  • Fight Back For You

    You have gone so long.
    left me where I came from.
    told me to start the new.
    but I will fight back for you.... more »

  • Happy Birthday To You

    Day by day years will pass by doors.
    Today your beautiful and tomorrow you gonna look more.
    Beauty will fade up one day.
    But your beautiful heart remains beautiful everyday.... more »

  • Heart Visitor

    When you come in my sight...
    There is always a small fight...
    In brain and heart for a while...
    No matter who starts to bite...... more »

  • I Broke Your Heart

    I increase music volume just not to listen my crying sound.

    I don't close my eyes because dreams are places where you found.... more »

  • I Don't Know What To Think Of It

    I don't know what to think of it.
    the one who's gone away,
    or the one who's is coming to me.... more »

  • In Love With Dark

    I'm in love with this dark.
    I can hear from my heart.
    beyond this loud noise.
    I can only hear your voice.... more »

  • Letters From God

    I don't know what went wrong.
    Suddenly I stop getting letters from my god...

    I didn't even found a way to cure.... more »

  • Love?

    As the smoke fades,
    And the filter catches fire.
    The memories coming from the cave,
    From the pages of a diary they came.... more »

  • On Your Toe

    Baby, I will end up my story on your toe...
    In front of your glory, I will always bow...
    There are many scrabble places you don't know..
    Those are the ones I should never show...... more »

  • Rain On My Barren Land

    here I'm....
    and my pain written on sand....
    wishing that someday...
    it will rain on my barren land...... more »

  • Sketch Without Colors

    I wish one day I will draw your life's sketch without colors...
    after looking at this Leonardo-da-Vinci will feel jealous...
    you always being there for evryone who needed help at the worst time...... more »

  • Tell Me Where And How

    I'm in love with this dark.
    I can hear from my heart.
    Beyond this loud noise.
    I can only hear your voice.... more »

  • Unknown Language

    when the moon comes with me when my heart is sour....
    your beautiful eyes always knocks my door....
    you give me support whenever I'm on the edge...
    for others my soul is like an unknown language...... more »

  • Walking In Shadow Of You

    When tears come from my heart...
    When I feel your world apart...

    When I didn't find my sky blue,... more »

  • When I Cry

    When I cry and miss you so,
    It's you I still wanna know..

    When I cry and reminds your face,... more »

  • You Lives In Me

    After so many days.
    my eyes are watching your face.
    I noticed u haven't changed.
    your imperfect curly hairs.... more »