Shujaat Hussain Biography

Dr. Shujaat Hussain is a prolific Indian book reviewer, eminent literary critic, celebrated poet and creative author of eminence. He is credited to be widely anthologized in Indian history of English poetry. He has been honoured with several national and international accolades for unique qualities in his writing that reflects individuality and leads a new trend that is fully dedicated to the welfare of humanity through his criticism and poetry. Stood first in M.A. (English) , secured distinction in American Literature. Did his Ph. D. (Title: The Mind And Art of Khushwant Singh) .

It is simple as that his reviewing power is so much explosive in narrative as well as romantic in nature like the shower of beauty from the sky of the literary moonlight. He surprises the poet whose poetry is analyzed by his pen. He realizes everything written in a poem, whereas, sometimes, even the same poet who writes it doesn’t understand all the depth of his/her expression. He is a genius of many excellences. His analysis is wide ranged and intellectually well focused. His article makes writers and poets think about themselves- and their creative capabilities. He is a true, dedicated and great critic and an excellent explorer of poetry. Writers of the present generation need soul of Shujaat Hussain since his spirit awakens from slumber and provides fresh and fragrant zeal and verve to the thoughts.

Khushwant Singh has given him an Authorisation Letter to translate his short stories from English into Urdu and several of his translated short stores have been published in the national leading newspapers.

More than 50 newspapers, magazines and journals of national and international repute have carried his poems, articles, reviews, and interviews.

Poems, articles and reviews have been translated into Greek, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean and several Indian regional languages and are available on many Web Pages.