• A Woman

    What a woman that exists on earth!
    A rose to make the world beautiful
    Or of its fragrance to increase mirth,
    Or creation for her is being ‘dutiful’?... more »

  • Atheism Quashed

    </>Replete with the puzzling and lovely things
    Among them are living and non-living beings
    Disbelieve in the existence of the atheist
    Incredible of their sense as they abreast.... more »

  • Bad Angels

    This is the land of politicians
    And their dirty politics
    To break unity in diversity
    This is the land of a few industrialists... more »

  • Blessed With Incessant Vitality

    Look at the potency of fields’ fertility
    Whoever sows the seeds gets vivacity
    Neither east not west only does its duty
    So it is blessed with incessant vitality.... more »

  • Canons Of Candy

    Rose is beautiful and fragrant
    Flowers of paper cann’t be vibrant
    A few days life source of comfort
    Gentle breeze breaks hi-tech-forte.... more »

  • Capitalism Ruins Humanism

    Capitalism can't sail in the ship of morality
    Morality possesses conscience, love and humility

    The life of capitalist depends on suppression... more »

  • Carol Of Motherland

    Mother Land was fragrant
    Resplendent red rock above... more »

  • Commander Of All Evils

    Politicians are the commander of all evil spirits
    Their belief: deities are vain trifles
    They have vowed to devotion themselves
    Damnation, shoes, or slap does not frighten them... more »

  • Commercial Break

    Commercial success of media... more »

  • Demonic Diplomatic Webs On Drives

    Century is lying on the heap of nuclear
    Why do men look ferocious?
    Why does darkness prevail in the hearts?
    Why does limited light exist?... more »

  • Diurnal Course

    Who enjoys the creation of universe?
    Supreme beings nourish His great skill
    Choked mind fails to weave praise in verse,
    Thankless mortal men don’t know His will.... more »

  • Enjoy Eden Together

    Animals, birds and insects say
    All of us have the same way
    We have only one God to pray
    So we pass our days in gay... more »

  • Expose CatastrophıC Images Of 1945

    6 And 9 August of 1945
    Catastrophic images are still alive
    By the sheer drive human could survive
    Forget, forgive and strive to thrive... more »

  • Fear God For His Bounty

    Forgive or chastise
    Stark gamut of His wills
    Showers glories on the creatures
    Blesses bounties for their features... more »

  • Heat And Dust

    Firm control over the mind
    Tranquil in heat and cold
    We feel nature is kind.... more »

  • Heritage Of India

    Shadow of fraud and of ruffians
    May not be a single among Indians
    Pray for the rules of love
    Bless us full of verve.... more »

  • Imprisoning Images Of India

    Gone are the features of India’s vibrancy
    Used to revel together at every occupancy.
    Melodious voice of nightingale lost from the garden
    How the fairy tales believe India as an Eden?... more »

  • Infuse Life To Fly

    The poet can take particle to the sky
    And may infuse life in death to fly
    Vicious verse will declare him a sly.... more »

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge is not only power
    a source of peace.
    A fragrant flower,
    It teaches humanism... more »

  • Lession In Heroic Fashion

    India is a land of gods and goddesses
    A land of saints and sages
    There is Holy Scriptures
    These contain ever inspiring preaching... more »

  • Mission Lacks Vision

    Stony heart, venomous mind
    Demonic deeds no doubt indeed
    Breathe in fenced barracks, fire from sky
    Sitting in sophisticated Choppers they fly... more »

  • Mother Earth

    Our outset is the earth
    End of us is the earth
    How pray for the water... more »

  • My Faith Is Blossomed By This Reason

    When I visit my birth place
    I pray for His all grace
    It strikes the mind, it sparks the mind
    It touches the heart, it soothes the heart... more »

  • O Barack Hussein Obama “turn Theatre Of Cruelty Into Peace”

    The president of the most powerful country
    Is also a saviour of human likes a true sentry
    Finger does point at the art and skill of Almighty
    Because Super has used mind to spread cruelty... more »

  • On Studies

    Study books for a solution
    To bring in your life a revolution
    Not to confute, conflict or contradiction
    It designs admirable perfection... more »