• Blue Sky

    Sitting besides him watching the shore

    Time just ticked away leaving me wanting for more... more »

  • Faint…

    There is a lot more darkness this time
    Although, there is a faint ray of hope
    I am falling deeper in the abyss
    There is no one to provide me with the helping rope... more »

  • Mercy Plea

    As I sit down and write
    Tears drip down my face
    It’s a weird feeling I am trying to fight
    I feel pushed, pulled, stamped & smothered... more »

  • Sempiternal Love

    Ocean sundered by the sand
    Is that seam water or land
    Melee, spoony or numinous fetter
    Should I call it a drift?... more »

  • Shelter

    I saw you staring at me
    I felt at home in your eyes
    A place where I can stay till eternity... more »

  • Spot Of Bother

    You think I am ordinary, I really don't mind
    You are always special to me you are my soul you are my man

    I think of you day in day out... more »

  • The Gaze

    They looked turbid
    Searching for some answers
    Who lost and who gained
    It was a gamble... more »

  • Thorn

    It stood with effulgence
    Wrapped in a red robe
    With petals showing the different shades of its life
    Its prepotency was like an illusion... more »

  • Tree


    There it was standing wide and strong
    Burning in the sun still providing shadow and warmth... more »

  • Wanderlust

    Time wizened her body
    But could not wrinkle her heart
    Daughter, wife, mother played every part
    She played every part... more »

  • Wrapped Turbulence

    I saw the star twinkling in that ocean
    I wish it could never break and take that motion
    The gravity was eager to embrace the spark in its arm
    I stretched my hand and held it in my palm... more »