• Adam Michael Smith

    Stroke my neck, kiss me one last time.
    I am yours as you are mine.
    Your captive, your slave, theres no way to escape.
    Tranced by your spell, there's no way to awake.... more »

  • Changeling

    Changeling changes before my own eyes,
    Morphing to something I can't recognize,
    'Cause in my mind I specialize,
    In picking truth from little lies.... more »

  • Clear Rain

    ... more »

  • Exceptance

    Inside of you there is something different.
    Something only you have the power to.
    You don't need a key or a magic word.
    All you need is the power of you.... more »

  • Flowering

    As I open up to you
    As you open up to me
    Like wings of a butterfly
    Finally fluttering free... more »

  • Ghost

    There's more to me than what meets the eye,
    But no one cares to see it.
    I'm just a ghost who cannot fly,
    It's what it is, so be it.... more »

  • The Mirror

    She stares at herself in the mirror,
    Unaware of what is truely inside.
    Her vision has never been clearer.
    She finally feels satisfied.... more »