• Flashbacks

    He’s sitting at his desk, half-dead, his bloodshot eyes half-closed,
    He’s thinking he’d be better dead, his features uncomposed.
    She’s closing the door silently, trying hard not to be heard,
    It really wouldn’t do if an “accident” occurred.... more »

  • If There Was No Tomorrow

    If there was no tomorrow,
    And the world ended today,
    Would I really speak my mind,
    Would I know what to say?... more »

  • One Last Time

    I’ll sing a little song for you
    A song to make you smile
    I’m sorry baby that I’m gone
    I might be quite a while... more »

  • Peace

    I see him scream, but do nothing,
    I see him cry, but do nothing,... more »

  • Rememberance

    So even though you’re not here now
    And you won’t be here again
    I carve our names into the wall
    And forget about the pain.... more »

  • Shades Of Grey

    Nothing’s black and white anymore, it’s just a hundred thousand shades of grey
    I live in a world where nothing’s as it seems, it’s kill or be killed
    Always on the run from some invisible hunter hiding round the corner
    Nothing’s ever simple, there’s always complications and twists... more »

  • Who Are You?

    I am the strange kid who kicks your ass
    I am the weird kid at the back of the class
    I am the girl with the scowl on her face
    I am the freak who won’t keep in her place... more »