• 50 Years

    50 years ago to this very day
    So much in this poem that I could say
    But where to start? I just don't know where
    I guess thank you for always being there... more »

  • A Disney Tale

    You say you're Cinderella
    Or you would like to be
    Does this mean that you've found
    Your Prince Charming in me?... more »

  • A Hero's Girlfriend

    Last few days
    Ignoring what’s to come
    Wishing there were other ways
    To shade the light of the sun... more »

  • A Little Rain

    I felt a great pain
    a torture of my heart,
    emotionally exhausted
    my soul torn apart.... more »

  • A Petal Falls

    First petal falls, my smile is up.
      A petal falls, my eyes well up.
    A petal falls, heart skips a beat.
      A petal falls, salt stains my cheek.... more »

  • A Simple Good Morning

    A simple good morning,
    is not hard to find.
    Accept it and preach it,
    from your heart and your mind.... more »

  • A Soldier's Face

    The soldier is a shell
    A shell of metal medals
    The soldier is the messenger
    With a country's deadly message... more »

  • Addiction Poem

    In my mind I hold a picture
    Of how we used to be
    For everything you needed
    You could turn to me.... more »

  • All My Heart

    I remember your smile, so radiant and warm,
    illuminating my day with loving affection.
    I remember your kisses, so sweet and soft,
    engulfing my being with blissful elation.... more »

  • Alone In My Head

    Alone in my head,
    I'm feeling so low,
    You wont understand,
    No one can know.... more »

  • Always Remembered

    The war was finally over
    All the fighting now is done,
    With help from our Allies
    The war had been won.... more »

  • Always Will

    I'm missing you like crazy
    I think I'm going mad
    I simply can't stop thinking
    Of the special times we had.... more »

  • Amazing Man

    Thank you for always being,
    right by my side.
    As the love of my life,
    I may easily confide.... more »

  • Another

    Another month
    Another year
    Another smile 
    Another tear... more »

  • Another Poem

    Another poem to express myself
    To somehow let my thoughts run
    Another rhyme to free my soul
    Let's go back to when it begun... more »

  • Anti Bullying

    Can it be true that you exist
    Like a superman, come to save the day
    If it is so then what a fateful twist
    You truly are the sun's one ray... more »

  • Are We Friends?

    Are we friends?
    or are we not?
    you told me once but i forgot.
    so tell me now... more »

  • As Long As

    As long as you love me
    I'll stay by your side
    I'll be your companion
    Your friend and your guide.... more »

  • As Long As...

    As long as you love me
    I'll stay by your side
    I'll be your companion
    Your friend and your guide.... more »

  • At First

    At first i was your everything
    It's funny how things change
    Lately you've avoided me
    You've been acting really strange... more »

  • Baby Brave

    A boy lines up plastic soldiers
    In straight rows across his floor.
    He knocks them down with callow ease
    In a naive game of war.... more »

  • Back In Your Arms

    Back in your arms where I should be
    It's never felt so right
    To feel the warmth from you
    As we hug, with our arms wrapped tight.... more »

  • Because

    Sometimes i just sit around
    and think of you.
    then i wonder,
    do you think of me?... more »

  • Behind

    Behind my smile is a hurting heart
    Behind my laugh I'm falling apart 
    Look closely and you will see
    The girl inside - it isn't me. ... more »

  • Best Friends

    Funny how friends say forever
    But people never seem to stay together
    You told me not to worry, told me not to cry
    You said we were best friend, what a lie... more »