Sidney Godolphin Poems

Cloris, It Is Not Thy Disdaine

Cloris, it is not thy disdaine
Can ever cover with dispaire
Or in cold ashes hide that care
Which I have fedd with soe long paine,... more »

Noe More Unto My Thoughts Appeare

Noe more unto my thoughts appeare,
Att least appeare lesse fayre,
For crazy tempers justly feare
The goodnesse of the ayre;... more »

Lord When The Wise Men Came From Farr

Lord when the wise men came from farr
Ledd to thy Cradle by a Starr,
Then did the shepheards too rejoyce,
Instructed by thy Angells voyce,... more »

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Ann Clegg 18 Jul 04:23
The portrait above is Not of Sidney Godolphin the poet, but is of Sidney Godolphin 1st. Earl of Godolphin (1645 - 1710) who was Queen Anne’s First Minister. The staff in his hand is his staff of Office. Please remove it. If you look on Wikipedia for Sidney the poet you can easily find the only known portrait of him. Sidney the poet, died two years before Sidney the Earl, was born, although Sidney the poet was the brother of Earl Sidney’s father.