• Silent Dreams

    I met a traveller a teacher he said....
    Raised by a carpenter in place called Galilee
    He told his lessons were all about life
    About freedom from the endless troubles and strife.... more »

  • Sing A Song

    If you think you have troubles and woe's,
    Check with the man upstairs and he give you a show.

    Count your blessing's one at a time,... more »

  • Some Of My Thoughts To Live By

    1. If I love you because you love me, that is merly a trade,
    like a thing bought in matket, It is not love, To be in love in
    not ask any thing in return,
    Not even to feel that you are giving something.... more »

  • The Paradox

    The cold hard reality....
    Occures in the heat of the truth,
    As when fall turns to winter....
    There is fine wine on same... more »

  • The Sad Buffoon

    The sadness of a sad buffoon,
    hidden behind a smile.
    The lonliness of a king, surrounded
    by high style.... more »

  • Twist Of Fate

    The the preacher's kid is all wasted no dope
    The phychologist's girl say's she can't cope
    The mechanic's son's car just barley runs
    That how this world is just as sure as I'm alive... more »

  • Wellcome Home Soldier

    We buried another veteran to day,
    He went ti his god, from us, he went away,
    He was yuong, in the prime of his life,
    He left three children and a gourageous wife.... more »