• ........ Died In The Blast

    Eh! Those who died in the blast,
    May your souls rest in heavens,
    Your bodies could not reach to the family
    Coz there were no bodies left... more »

  • 3 People Conversing After The Blast!

    A man said, I lost my hands I used to paint with
    A woman cried: my feet are gone. Ah! The dancing feet
    A boy said: I lost my eyes full of shine
    And... more »

  • A Nightmare

    One night
    I found myself standing by a shore
    A door was there for me to pass
    I stepped in and reached a land so strange... more »

  • Autumn

    Leaves turn down and float in the air,
    Branchlets get bare
    Trees look deserted
    But the roots within... more »

  • Cobwebs Inside Me

    Cobweb from a ceiling corer I cleaned off
    A thin long legged spider for life hurried and ran off,
    I, standing on the sofa raised my hand and shrieked,
    'I’ll spare you from here, you creep.'... more »

  • Courage

    I see a poor girl
    Gloomy and lonely
    For her love is lost
    Everytime she thinks of him... more »

  • Love All Hate None! !

    I ponder over the saying
    And wonder how come?
    Love all and hate none!
    How can I love a sinner,... more »

  • Power Of Love

    Love is blind, that’s all we hear
    Having eyes it cannot bear,
    A mother’s love is unconditional
    Unbound to social customs... more »

  • Sea And Me

    With tiring feet and weary soul,
    I walked onto the seashore,
    And there
    Serenity in the air encountered the clamor in me,... more »

  • Venom

    World is like a forest
    Full of beetle, birds and beasts,
    Tis world before I met you
    Was like a fairyland dream to me,... more »

  • You And Me

    ... more »