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Is there any poems suitable for a year 9 homework task Really appreciate it
can anyone help as I am sure Siegfried Sassoon wrote a poem about a victoiran train starting, The passengers stand in pools of wintry light, offering themselves to morn's long slanting shadows. The train steams in volleying resplendent clouds of sun blown vapour.
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Are these all by Siegfried Sassoon?
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Full poem of Siegfried Sasson
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I have to do some homework on a war poet and i chose Siegfried Sassoon. But i don't know which of his poems is the most famous? Can anyone help me? ;)
To Marilyn: The poem that contains that line is called Memory.
Could anyone help me with the title of the poem which contains the line”And I am rich in all that I have lost”?
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my Favourite poem by him is Attack
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One of the great poets from World War I, Sassoon was also known for his fictionalised autobiographies, praised for their evocation of English country life.
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