• I Believe

    I believe that the sun shines after the rain
    I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain
    I believe in not doing things the easy way
    I believe that being selfish doesn’t pay... more »

  • Love Is So Short

    Love is so short and forgetting is so long
    It’s hard to forget the one to whom you belong
    You are no longer an us but a you
    You are now a one, not a two.... more »

  • Questions

    Will you be there when my world falls apart?
    Will you be there to catch the crumbling of my broken heart?
    Does the world keep turning when I’m gone?
    Can god hear me screaming when I’m alone?... more »

  • Sally's Goodbye

    Sally got up early to find what she could wear,
    Then brushed her teeth and combed her hair.
    She wasn’t going outside to play,
    For today was a very special day.... more »

  • Too Late

    I see you there across the room
    I never thought I’d see you too soon.
    Remember when I wanted you but,
    You were too cool and just kept shut.... more »