• *fallen*

    I have fallen for you
    And there is nothing
    Anyone can do.... more »

  • ? ? ?

    ... more »

  • ~non~

    How can you tell
    Me you like me
    And that you want
    Me to be yours... more »

  • 5 Ways To Look At Love

    Among a family
    There is hugging
    And caring for each other.... more »

  • Baseball Love

    Love, what is it
    Now days love
    Is like the game baseball
    You play it to get to first base... more »

  • Boo

    You are my boo
    And I love you
    So together we make two
    Our hearts are one... more »

  • Boyfriend

    Friend... more »

  • Bug

    You were a good friend of mine
    Then you went and became a blur
    You once were as clear as white wine
    When she came along you were just like her... more »

  • Butterscotch Candel

    You are the bread and the knife,
    The crystyle goblet and the wine
    ~Jacques Crickillon... more »

  • Dazhaun

    Honorable... more »

  • Deserve More

    I have a boyfriend that
    I thought was my all
    You came into my life and
    Opened my eyes to see... more »

  • Dreaming

    I Lay Awake Each Night
    Wondering How True You
    Really Are... more »

  • Family

    Your mouth is biger then
    the world is round
    someone tells you something
    and you run home and tell... more »

  • Feelings

    I am upset, sad, and depressed
    you want to help but I won't
    let you in
    And therefore you become upset... more »

  • Final Lay

    The words hurt me more
    Then the pain of hitting the wall
    I still can’t believe I let myself fall... more »

  • First Kiss

    When I'm with you
    The world around me becomes my dream come true
    Your arms holding me so tight by your side
    Reasuring me that your not trying to hide... more »

  • Grandma's Girl

    Cleaning Together
    Driving Out In The Country
    Just Talking
    Working Out In The Yard... more »

  • Hard Days

    Days like these are hard to get through
    I can't explain how or what I am going throigh
    You don't know anything is wrong, but you show you care
    I want you to help and understand me... more »

  • Hate

    Hate means to many things
    to him, but only one thing to
    Hate is a strong word... more »

  • Heart Broken From The Beginning

    i love you but who really cares
    i sit up at night and wonder if you ever ment that you loved me
    i dont think you ever did
    ive never felt so disappointed and glad in the same time... more »

  • Heaven

    sitting here staring wide eyed and bushy tailed
    i get lost in to your eyes
    i feel as if i was there at the time when your story took place
    then i just get lost in the fact that you wont be with me much longer... more »

  • How To Grow Friends Apart

    Start by getting a boyfriend
    Mix in school and other people
    Add a pinch of clubs and jobs
    Kneed until they become smooth... more »

  • How To Ruin A Friendship

    Start with two good friends
    Add another friend into the mix
    Slide a boyfriend into it
    Set aside the girlfriend and her friend... more »

  • I Dont Care

    If you cry
    If you hurt inside
    I don't care
    If you whimper and sigh... more »

  • I Smile

    Hopefully you’ll always love me
    The kisses the hugs
    Along with the tears that I cry
    Thinking that you’re mine... more »