• Because Of You! ! ! !

    Because of you i am scared
    because of you i am not my self
    because of you iam alone
    because of you i cant go home... more »

  • Love

    Love is a big word, even though its only spelled with four letters. It means more than anyone would ever think. I honestly don't know what love means but i am in love with the idea of love.... more »

  • The Fear Of Losing You

    I have this fear it scares me just to say its the fear of losing my love its the fear of losing you its the fear of being alone with no one to hold the fear of seeing you with someone else the fear that you might be happy without me the fear of us not being together the... more »

  • You

    you were my world but you broke my heart and left me with a million scars a broken heart afraid of love running from commitment what have i become the whole world of that i am scared because for you i was unprepared but know i am stronger... more »