• Alive

    I finally feel alive
    For the first time ever
    I feel alive thanks to you
    You helped me do this... more »

  • Always Be There

    You said you would always be there for me
    but that was a lie.
    I came to you in my time of need
    you left me standing there... more »

  • Im Sorry

    Im Sorry I loved you
    Im Sorry I cared
    Im Sorry Im not perfect for you
    Im Sorry Im not the one you wanted... more »

  • Life Without You

    Life without you wouldnt be life
    My life would die
    Life without you would kill me
    Without you here by my side... more »

  • Love

    I loved you and you broke my heart
    I loved you but you didnt care
    You walked away to another girl
    I hope your happy while im here hurting... more »

  • Love 2

    Love it cames it goes
    But it never stays
    Noone can keep it
    Noone really knows what it is... more »

  • Pain Is Love

    Pain is love and
    Love is pain
    But there are two things
    That drive me insane... more »

  • Waiting

    Im waiting here wondering if you will ever notice me
    Im waiting here trying to get you to look at me
    Im waiting for the day you will come up to me and tell me that you love me
    While im waiting for that day to come i'll be sitting here thinking of you... more »

  • Your Kiss

    I long for your kiss
    The warmth of your lips
    I long for you kiss
    I cant wait anymore... more »