• A Fight.

    We had a fight
    And now it's a new day
    And at lunch I saw him
    Ever sence that... more »

  • A Letter.

    I want you to know that your everything I could ever dream of and more.
    You make me more happy than I've ever been.
    More than I thoguht was possible for me.
    You make me so happy its makeing me cry...... more »

  • A Phantom Once Again.

    Alone once again
    I hope it stays this time
    All the pain of haveing someone
    Knowing in just one second... more »

  • Addiction.

    I am a murder moive - where everyone dies
    I am rock music - the lyrics are about death
    I am the depresstion - that is in every teen
    I am the hate - that is in everyone... more »

  • After A Heart Breaks.

    Empty inside
    Don't know why it happend
    No feelings inside
    Don't know what to say... more »

  • All You Ever Did.

    All you ever did was hurt me
    Abuse me
    All you ever did is make me depressed
    Or angry... more »

  • Anger.

    I knew it was gonna happen
    I could of guess'd it all
    It was so easy to tell
    I mean anyone that not a compleat idiot... more »

  • Another You.

    I'm thinking of you...
    Crying because I miss you
    Wishing there was something I could do
    I know I'll never have you in my arms again... more »

  • As I Cut.

    Cutting so bad
    I'll lose all my f*cking blood... more »

  • As I Pretend.

    I liked you
    You liked me
    I don't see... more »

  • As I See You.

    As I see you
    All I think about is the pain your gonna cause me
    All the put downs
    all the get out of my ways... more »

  • As The Darkness Flies.

    We are dead
    We are weak
    We are sad
    We are cutters... more »

  • As You Leave.

    Notice when you left
    My smile disapeared
    Thats because you are my smile
    Notice when you left... more »

  • Be Mine.

    Your shy
    I'm nervous
    Would it ever work out
    I like you... more »

  • Can I Know?

    I need to know
    Was there a reason
    Did I truley need what you did
    Did I really deserve it... more »

  • Closeing My Eyes.

    I close my eyes
    And take a breath
    Because this day has been so perfect
    And then you kissed me... more »

  • Corner.

    I'm in my corner
    Alone with friends, but I want more
    I amit it in this pome
    Only once... more »

  • Coupled With Fate.

    I'm ending this
    It's coupled with fate
    For me to leave you
    For you to leave me... more »

  • Cry.

    As I fall
    I cry and
    I lie
    Like normal... more »

  • Crying For You.

    I don't know what to do
    I keep crying and crying
    I miss you like how I missed my mom as a child
    I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... more »

  • Crying.

    crying untill my lungs die
    Cut untill I die
    Crying is all I can do
    Another broken hear that took forever to fix... more »

  • Cut...Not Sure If This Counts As A Poem.

    She cut down her arm
    She sat there thinking her last thoughts
    He comes in
    He runs to her side... more »

  • Cutting.

    Cutting deeper
    Cutting so deep
    You touch the bone... more »

  • Dark Light.

    The dark light
    Shines down on me
    Alone in pain and agony as I
    Lay depressed and hollow... more »

  • Darkness Once Again.

    Alone in pain and agony
    I lay depresst and hollow
    Back to normal again
    Feelings gone once more... more »