• I Could Feel It.

    It was only for a few mins
    But it was there
    I havent felt anyting
    In a while... more »

  • I Don'T Even Know.

    You tell me how hurt you've been because of thouse girls
    And yet it feels like your trying to make me into one of them
    It feels like your just pretending to love me
    It feels like its all lies... more »

  • I Don'T Know You.

    I like you
    You like me
    I can't see... more »

  • I Don'T Like Him.

    I don't like him any more
    Or at lest im getting over him
    All he did is make me sad
    He didnt talk to me... more »

  • I Feel Like Shit.

    All you ever do is put me down
    You say the meanest shit
    All you ever do is yell at me
    I do everything wrong... more »

  • I Feel What You Feel.

    The way you feel for her
    Is the same way I feel for you
    So dont tell me that I don't like you
    I do and will... more »

  • I Guess It's Afraid.

    I'm afraid
    That everything is gonna repeat... more »

  • I Hate You.

    I hate you
    I wish you where dead
    I want you to disapear
    Out of my life... more »

  • I Have A Feeling Inside.

    I have a feeling inside
    At lest thats what I think it is
    Im not quiet sure
    But I wanna know... more »

  • I Just Hate You (Sister) .

    I hate you
    Just because your family
    Doesn’t mean shit
    I can still hate you... more »

  • I Knew This All Along.

    I knew thats all I'll ever be to you.
    I knew it all along
    Even before everyone told me
    Even before the signs came... more »

  • I Know You.

    I know you
    Your a bully
    I know you
    Your selfish... more »

  • I Need You.

    I don't know what to do
    Sence you held me so tight
    I've been dreaming
    Needing you to hold me again... more »

  • I Remember Now...

    These are about mamaseta

    Gone with the love
    Shes went away... more »

  • If These Feelings Could Just Disapear.

    That's when everything changed.
    The moment I wrote that poem.
    Everything has changed.
    Changed for the worse.... more »

  • I'M Dealing With It.

    With every step you take
    The farther I stray
    You go with them
    And leave me here... more »

  • I'M Gone.

    As I lay there
    Saying goodbye to the world
    I think about how I never fround out why he said no
    I'll think about how they stole her from me... more »

  • I'M Here To Help You.

    I'm here for you.
    I want a real relationship with you.
    But I'm sure it's best if I just help you through.
    Help you actually get over her.... more »

  • I'M Here.

    Here I am
    Giving my heart to you
    Showing that I care
    But I'm just getting screwed... more »

  • I'M Slipping Away.

    I'll just slip away into the darkness
    So your feelsings can't reach me
    I'll turn my head every time I see you
    And forget the memories... more »

  • I'M So Alone (Orignal) .

    I'm so alone
    Sitting here agenst this tree
    Witch is probaly dieing just like me
    Dieing because you can take it... more »

  • I'M So Alone.

    I'm so alone
    Sitting here agenst this tree
    Witch is probaly dieing just like me
    Dieing because ya cant take it... more »

  • Inspiration.

    You make my heart beat faster
    Ever sence we first meet
    And my whole body becomes nervous
    Everytime I talk to you... more »

  • It's Comming Back Now.

    I'm going back to the way it was before
    Where things don't even matter anymore
    I'm going back to the way it was before
    I don't even cry anymore... more »

  • Its Not Finished #2.

    You make my heart beat faster ever sence we first met,
    My whole body fills with a nervous feeling every time we talk

    I never know when we are going to speak again,... more »