• Push You Away.

    I gave it all away

    To change you, for the better... more »

  • Rain And Clouds.

    Now I know why
    I can finaly see
    The clouds are gone
    And the rain is here... more »

  • Random Bit Of Poem.

    No words to tell
    No words at all
    Everywhere... more »

  • Random Shit.

    Bordom quickens hard as stone
    Candy melts with each lick
    Happyness dies with a broken heart
    Gone, Your happyness dies, back... more »

  • Someone Like You.

    I went through all hell with u
    I learned to love and Ive learned to die
    You were there for me through thick and thin
    We said our I love you's and ment it... more »

  • Stuck Here Wishing.

    I wish I felt nothing.
    I remember those days...
    I couldn't feel anything.
    And now I'm feeling everything.... more »

  • Suicide Makes Me Feel.

    I read these suicide notes
    And they only make me wanna die more
    I bet its because the truth they behold
    The pain there going though... more »

  • Teenagers...

    As every other teenager I think I'm different
    Different from every one else
    I feel as if I get more pain than any one else
    A lot more...... more »

  • The Damn Feeling.

    Says it a hundred times a day
    It never goes away
    The emptyness is all I have
    The only thing I can rely on... more »

  • The Girl.

    She is the cold
    She is the night
    She is the dark
    She is the evil... more »

  • The Harsh Words.

    The harsh words you used to say
    Come back and I prey

    The harsh words you say... more »

  • The Last Bit Of My Love.

    This is the last time I'll be seen with you
    This is the last time I'll be heard talking to you
    This is the last time I'll be seen loveing you
    Do you wanna know why... more »

  • The Lies.

    I could say that I got my lip piercings to fill my holes
    But it would be a lie
    I could say I wear black so people dont notice me
    But it would be a lie... more »

  • The Little Girl.

    When I came here
    I saw a little girl
    Covered in tears
    Covered in blood... more »

  • The Man.

    He was so sweet
    He was all I ever dreamed of
    Then he turned on me
    Became the man I didn't want him to be... more »

  • The Stress.

    All the stress is gone
    Now all I have is the anger
    All the anger from her
    The same anger that comes everyday... more »

  • Thee Bolders.

    In the darkness I walk
    Alone, no love
    In a cave
    Bolders all around me... more »

  • Theres A Storm.

    not sure if this counts as a poem but w/e

    Theres a storm comming
    I hear everyones disapointment... more »

  • Thinking Is All I Can Do.

    Bordom consumes
    All theres is to do is think
    Think about her
    Think about him... more »

  • This Pain.

    This pain burns so bright.
    I lose controll
    Tears roll down my cheeks
    And I feel...... more »

  • Time.

    Gone as the hands of time turn back
    Far away in the distance
    As I remember you
    How happy I was... more »

  • Torn Between Three Worlds # 2.

    I've decited I'd rather go to the second world
    It seems better
    Alot better
    I smile... more »

  • Trapped.

    You use your movements to trap me.
    You use your words to make others trap me.
    You use these tricks and evil little plots to trap me.... more »

  • Turn Me Into The Perfect Girl.

    I'm getting yelled at for you breaking into my room?
    I just want some privacy
    But that just seems wrong to you
    I cant talk to anyone to do anything without you... more »

  • What Are You Doing.

    What are you doing
    Turning me into something I'm not
    I don't wanna be like them
    I don't want you changing me... more »