• About Your Lies

    Where is the truth behind your lies,
    Cause I’m hiding for your disguise... more »

  • Believing In You

    I always doubted true love
    couldn't imagine good power from above
    and I lost faith in honesty
    of everyone around me... more »

  • Break

    Listen to me baby,
    I know I drive you crazy,
    But I just do my thing,
    Sing the song I sing... more »

  • Can You?

    Can you look right in my face
    Without being in another space
    Can you look me in the eyes
    Without telling me more lies... more »

  • Changing

    I'm crying, wich I never used to do
    I have to tell them what's wrong, but I don't want too
    I need some time to get straight with my mind
    there are some answers I've got to find... more »

  • Death

    Life or death,
    Which one is bad
    From pain to nothingness
    Cause my life is to much of a mess... more »

  • Desire

    desire is life, desire is pain
    hard to lose and hard to gain
    hard to find when you know it's there
    somewhere inside, but you don't know where... more »

  • Dreamworld

    I guess there was sand in my eyes,
    Couldn’t see the lies
    I was stupid, so naïef
    Just couldn’t believe... more »

  • Fairplay

    a little lie isn't unusual
    as long if it doesn't get to tall,
    a little lie every now and than
    but baby please, not again and again... more »

  • Free Me

    When all in your mind is empty
    When all in your heart seems black
    When you see a way out
    But you’re still bounded... more »

  • From One To Eight...

    one, cause I've been bad
    two, so I don't forget
    three, for what I've had
    four, for what I can't get... more »

  • Goodbye

    I wonder what I’ve done to make things go this way
    I wish that I could stay
    But now I know whatever you say
    The promises are never true... more »

  • Growing Old

    you only care about your cash
    you let me fall like I'm your trash
    than you always ask me to come back around
    but damn, i'll stand my ground... more »

  • Has It Ever Been More?

    angels crying
    love is dieing
    they stopped flying... more »

  • Here's A Friend

    times can be hard, times can be sad
    but just remember that
    no matter what, there's just no way
    that this friend will ever walk away... more »

  • His Way

    he takes more that he gives
    but that's the way he lives
    he'll never change that way
    to him it's all okaay... more »

  • I Don'T Need You

    Baby, you’re the beat of my heart, but songs don’t less forever
    I don’t need you to be my hero, I can save myself
    I don’t need you to guide me, I can see for myself
    I don’t need you to chair my pain, I can carry the burden... more »

  • I Don'T Wanna

    I don't really wanna feel the way I do
    I don't really wanna be in love with you
    I don't really wanna need you so
    I wanna be able just to let you go... more »

  • I Need You

    I know you wanna run away
    but I need you everyday
    when your eyes meet mine
    I know I'll be fine... more »

  • I Wanna Borrow

    can I borrow you eyes cause they seem to show
    the beautiful side of life, the one I don't know,
    can I borrow your ears, cause they seem to hear
    the only melody I don't fear,... more »

  • I Won'T Walk Behind You

    You always take the lead
    Show me the ‘right’ beat
    Pretend it is okay
    That everybody loves your way... more »

  • I'M Here For You

    when you break,
    I'll get your pieces back together
    when you fail,
    I'll show ya it doesn't matter... more »

  • Invisible Man

    feels like someone is touching my skin
    someone who knows this piece of mess
    he's there when I cry, when I sin
    he's there to hear me confess... more »

  • Just A Little Bit

    I always had to bear
    that they told me what to wear
    that they told me how to walk
    and told me how to talk... more »

  • Life Is...

    Fall back, go away
    There’s noting left to say
    I know this aint love
    That you’re not from above... more »