I have few memories of my life when my mom and dad were together, and the ones I do have are not good.
I live with my mom, step dad, big sis, little sis, step bro, and animals a'plenty.
I would not say I have a bad life but....there was a lot of things I held on to, and it makes life, no matter how calm it is now, difficult.
I don't live in the real world.....and nether do my writings...but enjoy anyway.
Please leave me a comment if you like them.


Silvana Sky Poems

Careless Whispers

All the careless whispers, and all the faded dreams.
All the broken promises, and all the loosened seams.
In the fallen memory, of a hollow scream.
In the darkness of a heart, so weary of it's skeems.... more »


Fighting back a melody.
Trying not to scream.
Hoping for a savior.
Something that's unseen.... more »

Left Behind

..: ~) (~: ..
The ice on the trees
The ice on the lake
Is nothing like the ice left behind in your wake.... more »

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