• ? ? ?

    If I try to run...
    Where will I hide?

    If I chose to stay...... more »

  • ~*dead*~

    Did you know that I am dead?
    All my thoughts have left my head.
    All my wounds need not heal.
    My once throbbing heart has broken the seal.... more »

  • ~*she Lived Among The Ways Of Few*~

    She lived among the ways of few
    Beside the hills of green
    And waited in her nature`d hue
    As the wind flirted with the stream... more »

  • Careless Whispers

    All the careless whispers, and all the faded dreams.
    All the broken promises, and all the loosened seams.
    In the fallen memory, of a hollow scream.
    In the darkness of a heart, so weary of it's skeems.... more »

  • Do You, Can You, Will You

    Do you know how much you meen to me,
    And what I can't forget?

    Can you see what I have done for you,... more »

  • Frozen

    Fighting back a melody.
    Trying not to scream.
    Hoping for a savior.
    Something that's unseen.... more »

  • Left Behind

    ..: ~) (~: ..
    The ice on the trees
    The ice on the lake
    Is nothing like the ice left behind in your wake.... more »

  • Not Just Me

    If this was really meant to be...
    Would you have ever left?

    If we were really what I dreamed...... more »

  • What Happened?

    What could have happened?
    What have we become?
    Were you not the the one who said 'You forever are the one'?... more »

  • What Is That?

    What is that above your head?
    That thing that claims your sweet.

    What is that above your head?... more »

  • Whats Not There...

    How can I hold on to what was never there?
    It's like I'm clinging helplessly to nothing but the air.
    But in my mind my outstretched arms are reaching for your smile.
    And your mouth whispers sweet nothings in my ear all the while.... more »