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wagwarn my bruddas, you up for a fat zoot? get @ my line safe xx
oi what you chatting you dumb yute the real simon is in the cottage. stop chatting poo poo about me scrub or ill shef man down g xx
u mum gay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
you wys scrubs,1v1 me on minecraft hunger games fag0t ur mam gey and a vergin. get at me @ur_nan_gay_loool. peace out home boys x yours sincerely man like simon x
who else is doing this as home work?
im stuck in school i want to die right now
thank you this help me with school work
this helped me with my hw thanx! !
Bonjour, Peasants
i luv my mama
ur mum is very nice and yummy
This poet is extraordinary
JME and stormzy come at me
my mums a kjkkl
outta ere mandem
yutes outta ere MANDEM
stupid yutes mandem outa ere