I'm a fun loving gent from the UK. Most of my days are filled with humour, watching, or creating.
Hopefully this is reflected in some of my poems.
Once in a while, something 'Serious' or thought provoking manages to force it's way out.
But generally, my aim is fun. And sharing.

I think its a wonderful gift to be able to place a smile, onto the face of someone you may never meet. Or if you're lucky, the chance to place a memory in the mind of another. Something they will then carry with them.


Simon Gowen Poems

I Also Know John Denver

I’ve got some friends across the pond
I’d like you all to meet
You may have heard of one or two
For me this is a treat... more »

Whats In A Name?

I was chatting with a friend today
I think you’ll find it funny
He’s Just won Thirty Thousand Pounds
Now Jack Pott’s in the money!... more »

A Bunch Of Heroes

You may or may not know this
But the company I keep
Have featured in a film or two
Their services are cheap.... more »

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Amy Lalala 25 Jun 2011 08:11
I'm so glad I came accross your poems! You've quickly become one of my favorite poets on this site!