• Cows

    your eyes voluptuous,
    the sweetness of your mouths,
    of your grass-lined stomachs,... more »

  • Ellipses

    Entering the cafe, I find J
    crunching a molecular biscuit.
    His weary girl lies under the deadly shadow of the pepperpot.
    Desparately, I attempt to... more »

  • Gambling Life

    Here is a man
    who doubts his hand.
    Though he was quick to sit down
    when the game called,... more »

  • In The Hops

    A clock ticks out reluctant time,
    dividing the impassive air,
    pervading some fresh impulse that could show me where
    here is now, or anywhere.... more »

  • In The Land Of Stones

    Sometimes it seems
    less sense remains in me
    than a jellied eel, or a mute wedged tortoise
    scrabbling the mountainous years away... more »

  • Labouring

    My body wearily sunk,
    sustained by a nameless source,
    suspended by slow breath
    in the bathwater, brown-gleamed.... more »

  • Mondo/S

    What is is, isn't it?
    What is is is.
    Is is is what it is, it?
    It is is is what it is, is what.... more »

  • Sunrise Bathes The Electric Sign.

    Insatiable compulsion of mechanic need
    blinks blindly in the timeless dawn;
    displaced diurnal cycles wake to sleep,
    time is a fabric ticking wan.... more »

  • The Fabulous Beast Of Marie Beatrice

    Miss Marie Beatrice
    owned a fabulous beast
    each May she'd capture and saddle
    and drive to the Fair.... more »

  • The Saga Of The Robot Bandits (Work In Progress) .

    A creaking senior cyborg let me in,
    greeting me with a mechanical grin.
    I offered as a bribe two auxiliary knees
    fashioned in nickel by the Nipponese;... more »

  • The Wooden King

    Through the halls of the wooden king the owl drifts,
    drops a hooting eye clutching at his dusty raiment.
    Rips it away and in the basement
    the baby wakes and rises up... more »

  • Time Is A Box Of Light

    Time is a light box,
    a basket of rain,
    limbs from a star sprung,
    the blood's spiral of forms again.... more »