SM Simon McMullen 02/29/60

I was born. I have lived and am living. Somewhere along the way and as part of the process I died twice, but reinvented myself and came back.

It's not the road or the journey that counts. It's the destination.



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Sam, we lost touch a long time ago, but recently I re-discovered in my files a poem you wrote for me! I hope you are well and gaining success from your writing. With best wishes, Sandi
Hello Sam! Well done with the poetry; I hope you are continuing to write. I do hope that all is well and that this message reaches you somehow. Thought you would enjoy a bit from my Hull journal that features you (the trip to Scunthorpe) . http: // (There are other entries that include you as well, of course.) Do keep in touch if you can. Would love to hear from you again! - Rick