A Father, husband, a professional, a poet.
Passionate about life and strongly obsessive about poetry.
Poetry makes me say what I feel, how I feel it and when I feel like.
But who am I?

I smile, I read, I write, I walk, I see, I breath, I think, I thank, I pray, I believe, I manage, I advise, I love, I like, I give and sometimes...I cry



Simon Odhiambo Poems

Waiting In Vain

Am not alone in this I think
Three or Four of us sometimes Five
Waiting for letters to arrive in time
Letter box packed with lots, not ours... more »

A Poem A Day

One Poem at a time, Is what you can read
Try two and despair, that is where it will lead

One channel at a time, Is what you can watch... more »

The Last Sipper

This man lost his paying job
And his wife left this drunkard too
His children not to stay with him
All left this dad alone... more »

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