• A Night Runner And A Thief

    A thief and a night-runner
    At night in a foreign home
    This caused a total fuss
    As they ran from each others wrath... more »

  • A Poem A Day

    One Poem at a time, Is what you can read
    Try two and despair, that is where it will lead

    One channel at a time, Is what you can watch... more »

  • A Poem For My Beer

    I have never seen you before like this
    correct me if I owe you a know

    When you wear a dress so clear... more »

  • A Sinners Prayer

    It is me again God
    The sinner you know by name
    For my answered prayer, I praise
    And display my acceptance to Thy throne... more »

  • Almost Home

    You plants, why do you whisper?
    And quickly pretend as I pass?
    Is it the wind making you move
    Or you move at will?... more »

  • Another Day Today

    Hastily and steadily they cross to the lawn
    Full of mist but still safe from the cars that roll
    No one talks to the other but quickly they move
    They are all in a patterned hurry this day that goes... more »

  • C Is For Sex

    I cry for men
    I cry for them

    For they said I erred,... more »

  • Case Clossed

    At least I understand
    Curtains are drawn open and closed
    Books are read open and closed
    To be drawn again... more »

  • Choices

    I know it is time
    To wake up
    But wait…
    The alarm clock must ring... more »

  • Cold Blooded

    Three bodies,
    one, two, three
    All dead, by this road... more »

  • Cover Me...Am Going In

    Was born first, bred and grown
    On this earth, thick and not so brown
    I have loved, laughed and also frowned
    My sweat can be seen and also shown... more »

  • Employee Of The Ear

    I sit here waiting to be called, and looking
    At this sealed white envelope, and thinkng quietly
    The contents already, I know well
    I was told even before the letter got me... more »

  • Emptiness

    Like a dry leaf the sound
    Like a cold ice the touch
    Like a fresh Lily the smell
    I beg to feel these again... more »

  • Fear Of Poetry

    Of thugs and guns you've no fear
    Of snakes and fakes you can bear
    Poetry is beyond you so you claim
    It is the only chill down the spine... more »

  • Hell No

    Unknown, lost and gone
    We live in darkness
    Green buidings for green trees
    Clear roads for clear rivers... more »

  • I Am A Member

    A card to show and a name to share
    I am a member

    A meeting to attend and a sign below... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    Questions are asked and questions answered
    But there is this one question
    that bothers me every day... more »

  • I Knew It All Along

    I knew it all along
    From the way you would advance
    I threw it all alone
    When you gave me the dancing chance... more »

  • I Miss You...

    Today I stand at this gate
    With anticipation and want
    I look down the only path
    Your footprints still fresh... more »

  • In Mind...Still

    Evening it is
    Everyone, in a hurry
    Except you... more »

  • Just Shirt Up!

    Language, Language, Lingo
    makes me sometimes click
    With no meaning at all, just click
    Language, language, lingo... more »

  • Life - Make It Different

    I meet you every day and wonder
    Should life be like this always
    Very predictable as usual... more »

  • Love

    Pain is expressed in a timely manner
    Anger is a feeling I haste to manifest
    But Love...... more »

  • Love Again

    A word...Hi baby
    So lost...one day I will
    A hug...and a pat
    A peck...on the cheeks... more »

  • Make Me A Bed

    It is bedtime 'my half' and the vow still fresh

    You promised to make me a bed
    Of love and trust not metals and timber
    Wide enough for two, in sorrow and bliss... more »