I write for a living and yet its been a while since I wrote something that was just for myself. I feel awkward putting these private thoughts on the world wide web and yet, deep inside the heart of every poet, isn't there the need to be read?
To be understood?
To see another nodding their head
Saying, 'Yep, that's exactly how I feel
and how I'd say it, if I could.'
So here goes...


Simona Terron Poems

Bumper Sticker Advice

The world is a small place, life is short,
live in the moment, be a sport…
The only thing that grates more than a pithy homily
Is all-purpose, bumper sticker, catch-phrase advice.... more »

Moonlit Lies

A sliver of pain hanging in the midnight ink
Don’t be silly, that’s the moon he says
As his lips nuzzle my ear
Sending zillions of pleasure pulses racing to my synapses... more »

Meeting Games

Eyeing the quarry over Martini glass rims at a bar
Backing up on one another on a crowded dance floor
Courtesy in a supermarket checkout line
Gallantry with a late night cab on a lonely street... more »

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