• 10 Piggy Protest Parade

    I wore my sneakers to class today
    Ten little piggies protested loudly
    Preferring the grimy freedom
    Of straw chappals and roadside sandals... more »

  • Bumper Sticker Advice

    The world is a small place, life is short,
    live in the moment, be a sport…
    The only thing that grates more than a pithy homily
    Is all-purpose, bumper sticker, catch-phrase advice.... more »

  • Ciggie Break

    The stairwell reeks of stale smoke
    That curls upwards toward the ceiling
    And hangs suspended in the barely moving heat
    As controlled air meets warm currents that force... more »

  • Coffee And Cat

    Warm and furry,
    soft and sharp,... more »

  • Grey

    my brain, my life, my mood, the rain
    falling softly unlike my pain
    that's hammering it's way... more »

  • Meeting Games

    Eyeing the quarry over Martini glass rims at a bar
    Backing up on one another on a crowded dance floor
    Courtesy in a supermarket checkout line
    Gallantry with a late night cab on a lonely street... more »

  • Moonlit Lies

    A sliver of pain hanging in the midnight ink
    Don’t be silly, that’s the moon he says
    As his lips nuzzle my ear
    Sending zillions of pleasure pulses racing to my synapses... more »

  • No, We’re Not Friends Anymore

    My freshly washed hair is still damp against my scalp
    Bound by a plastic jaw with a squeaky hinge
    In a knot that’s so tight it feels my ears are pulled back.... more »

  • Oh Fie! Office! ! !

    I'm getting used to how it feels
    to be a cog in the wheels of efficiency
    where friendship is the garb of choice and preferred medium to convey the static noise
    of officialese, to cloak politics and veil jibes... more »

  • Quickie Dessert

    Red strawberries, brown sugar, one hour... more »

  • Regret? You Bet

    Who says I’m counting out the days
    And the minutes and the hours since you took your love away
    Who says I miss your smile, your warmth, your eyes
    And the look of sheer surprise when you realized you loved me... more »

  • Rise Up Baby

    I try and rise above the fear-induced fog in my mind
    Above the lemon-rind bitterness that loving and leaving
    Leaves behind, residual regret resounds off the walls
    Of my aching but throbbingly alive consciousness... more »

  • The Taste Of Your Skin

    The rain comes
    And I stand there drenched
    Till my bones, outlined in silk
    The colour of the sullen sky,... more »