i were born on 29th november 1989 in munich. i moved with my family to a little village near 'pfaffenhofen', there i was nearly the opposite of what i am now/ today. then we moved back to munich, i went to school in that city. and still have to go 4 years. i live here with my family, but they dont really understand me, i dont know why, when i am stressed, down, sad or so, i write poems or lyrics (for songs) to express my feelings, and i love to think, i dont speak very much, i love to chat and to mail with people.


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time is something, no one can explain,
time is a topic, about which people complain,
that there arent enough hours in the day,
to get their work, their rest and play.... more »


Love is the language of the heart, all over the world, but especially in small towns. Love drifts through the houses in... more »


Wenn verbittert ist ein Herz,
dreht es sich in seinem Schmerz.
Der Verstand will nicht sehen, fühlen, hören,
er will nur eines, den Schmerz betören.... more »

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