I used to write a little back in high school, but as the years went by so did my passion for writing. Recently my friends convinced me to pick it up again so that is what i will do. I hope at least someone out there enjoys my poems.


Simply Ruby Poems


Losing you was a nightmare
forgetting you was impossible to do
I was broken.
You were gone... more »

Unstable Emotions

Spilling on my pages like a soda bottle that has been knocked over.
Rambled and twisted like a search word puzzle with unsolvable answers
I'm no scientist but i bet rocket science would be easier to explain and far less difficult to understand.
My mush like brain unable to locate the right way to express them.... more »


It wasn't what i was suppose to call you but it is what you became.
Por que sin ti mis labios jamas hubiesen pronunciado esa palabra con tanto amor y ternura.
You took a role that wasn't meant for you
one that you had already played time and time again... more »

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