• 4am

    It's 6pm when it all starts. The wicked hour where you flood my mind. Trying my hardest to keep me preoccupied with dumb distractions that never really last.

    By 10pm I'm almost going mad. The reminiscing is killing me inside. Your presence still so very alive. Oh please just cease to make me remember our time.... more »

  • A Doll's Lament.

    Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop
    There goes her childhood along with her innocence
    ripped away by their filthy hands
    they feel so short lived much like the bubbles she used to play with... more »

  • Bloody Rose

    I found a rose covered in blood,
    I wondered how it survived?
    I took that rose in my hands
    I placed it next to my heart.... more »

  • Deceptive "Love"

    Betrayed. How stupid, how idiotically comically to believe
    to think it would be different, to think YOU would be different.
    I laugh, full blown belly laugh because I refuse to cry.... more »

  • Distance

    Distance… always keeping us apart
    Hiding feelings breaking hearts.
    We can defeat her deadly hit
    Let’s show the world what distance is.... more »

  • Fond Memories

    I'll remember you fondly.
    Because even though you became a ghost in the blink of an eye
    The love you made me feel left it's mark deep inside
    So i have decided to remember you fondly... more »

  • Gone

    Losing you was a nightmare
    forgetting you was impossible to do
    I was broken.
    You were gone... more »

  • Ideally Unmissable

    I think i miss you.
    You see, thinking and knowing are such incredibly complex things and while i definitely probably think i miss you. I can't exactly know for sure that it is you who i truly miss.

    Is it you i miss?... more »

  • Incompetent Machine.

    I never quite understood what becoming an adult truly meant. To tell the truth i still don't quite grasp the concept of adulthood.
    I certainly don't feel like one.
    If i were to describe myself it would be as a little girl trapped in an adult's body not having the slightest idea on how to run the machine.
    I should've grown up by now... more »

  • Injustice

    ... more »

  • Mindless Addiction

    He is nothing, yet he is also everything.
    A light that flickers in my unbearable darkness, illuminating the pitch-black corners of my heart if only for one second.
    A dangerous addiction, one my normal self would've never allowed to be born.
    I've become a junkie desperate for her next fix.... more »

  • Papá

    It wasn't what i was suppose to call you but it is what you became.
    Por que sin ti mis labios jamas hubiesen pronunciado esa palabra con tanto amor y ternura.
    You took a role that wasn't meant for you
    one that you had already played time and time again... more »

  • Reminiscing

    It will disappear
    It will fade away
    I want it to
    I need it to... more »

  • Saturday Night

    Thinking about it now it's so much of a blur.
    Of course i remember what happened
    but it also seems so far off. Yea. A blur.
    All i know is that i almost died Saturday night.... more »

  • Silent Love

    My silent love I had to hide
    It is not fake, are you that blind?
    No matter what I say or do,
    I’m always invisible to you.... more »

  • Spiteful Lust

    I hate you
    I hate the fact that you keep coming back over and over never giving me the chance to ever get over you. I hate that your sweet lies still bring a certain happiness to my heart. I hate that i can't wait for us to meet again no matter how much time has passed. I hate that you're not honest and insist on keeping up the lies.

    I hate me... more »

  • The Favorite Toy

    Buried deep down in your toy chest,
    under piles of newer and better toys is where i rest.
    Patiently waiting my turn as your plaything.
    Sometimes it takes a very long time and i wonder if you'll ever bother to play with me again.... more »

  • Unstable Emotions

    Spilling on my pages like a soda bottle that has been knocked over.
    Rambled and twisted like a search word puzzle with unsolvable answers
    I'm no scientist but i bet rocket science would be easier to explain and far less difficult to understand.
    My mush like brain unable to locate the right way to express them.... more »

  • Zombie

    Lying, breathing, harmless zombie
    your rotten heart consumed by fear.
    Enslaved by something you can't control
    Zombie.... more »