• A Beautiful Disease

    Do you remember when life was about more than looks?
    Neither do I

    Do you remember when who we are wasn't defined by what we wear?... more »

  • A Faithful Friend

    Into the vein,
    Into the artery,
    Release the pain,
    From the capilary.... more »

  • Being Yourself

    shunned for not conforming
    ridiculed for looking unique
    laught at for being different
    being treated like a freek... more »

  • The 'Joys' Of Christmas

    The smoke alarm is blaring
    the turkey is on fire
    and grans jus tripped over
    the fairy lights wire.... more »

  • Untitled

    The Locking of eyes
    Is a love without eyes
    a silent siren
    calls out with no sound... more »

  • Waves Roar

    Waves roar,
    the ocean screams,
    howls its tales
    of times that have been.... more »