• Babel

    Therefore is the name of it called Babel
    And still we stood and stared far down
    Into that ember-glowing town
    Which every shaft and shock of fate... more »

  • How Shall we Rise to Greet the Dawn?

    Continually they cackle thus,
    Those venerable birds,
    Crying, 'Those whom the Gods love
    Die young'
    Or something of that sort.... more »

  • On The Coast Of Coromandel

    On the coast of Coromandel,
    Dance they to the tune of Handel;
    Chorally, that coral coast
    Correlates the bone to ghost,... more »

  • Orpheus

    WHEN Orpheus with his wind-swift fingers
    Ripples the strings that gleam like rain,
    The wheeling birds fly up and sing,
    Hither, thither echoing;... more »

  • Progress

    The city's heat is like a leaden pall—
    Its lowered lamps glow in the midnight air
    Like mammoth orange-moths that flit and flare
    Through the dark tapestry of night. The tall ... more »

  • Tears

    Silence o'erwhelms the melody of Night,
    Then slowly drips on to the woods that sigh
    For their past vivid vernal ecstasy.... more »

  • The Blind Pedlar

    I STAND alone through each long day
    Upon these pavers; cannot see
    The wares spread out upon this tray
    —For God has taken sight from me!... more »

  • The Next War

    The long war had ended.
    Its miseries had grown faded.
    Deaf men became difficult to talk to,
    Heroes became bores.... more »

  • This Generation

    Their youth was fevered - passionate, quick to drain
    The last few pleasures from the cup of life
    Before they turned to suck the dregs of pain
    And end their young-old lives in mortal strife.... more »