• Addicted

    Addicted to your lies
    Addicted to my cries

    I love to feel the pain... more »

  • Alone

    get out of my head
    leave me alone

    turn off the cyber world... more »

  • Betrayal

    Maybe I'm not her

    Maybe I'm not what you want?... more »

  • Busy

    Everyone I called today
    only a few words to say

    'I am so busy'... more »

  • Can'T Take Anymore

    Sitting here trying to wipe away these tears......
    Dragging me through all this pain...
    How can I forgive you over and over again?... more »

  • Capture This Moment

    I just want to capture this moment..
    I just want to spend this time with you
    I want to freeze this moment in time and be alone with you......... more »

  • Causing Effects

    What is causing the effects? Life it's not the same
    But we all have to do what we need to survive.
    We had the best days
    Now your walking away a little lighter... more »

  • Consequent

    I used to have a home

    One that I can call my own... more »

  • Does It Matter?

    You ask about my past
    Does it matter?
    Cant go back in time..
    Does it really matter?... more »

  • Escape The World

    I wanna get away, away, away
    far far far away.........

    Wanna get away from it all... more »

  • Every Morning

    Every Morning. I won’t to say it’s a lie
    I just know, There is no other guy
    He Would never take my love for granted.
    But living my life everyday, and watching his words as they fade.... more »

  • Feels Like A Friday

    Feels good when a stranger 'says your beautiful'

    So good when you do, what its impossible... more »

  • Free

    So free yet trapped from the other side
    So free yet trapped free from the other side

    The same is so different... more »

  • Gold Ocean Delivered

    I don't have anything to prove,
    so many things have gone wrong.
    But today I live my life without any judgment.
    I don't have any thing to prove to the world.... more »

  • I Am A Diamond

    If you said what you wanted to say
    And you hurt me everyday
    Would I still need your love?... more »

  • I Found Love

    I found love, you make feel so complete
    I found love, your my dream come true
    I always had a picture of you, I only dreamed of this day
    I would be with you.... more »

  • I Love You Once

    love you once
    Wondering what that voice is inside my mind, as I layed my head down on this crazy train,... more »

  • It's Over

    How do I look you in the eyes? when I know that is over?

    I keep my mind on other things.... I keep getting stronger....... more »

  • Judge

    You are the one who has the critical eye.
    When will you see all the right.
    Shutting out the world will bring you down
    Living in a world that is so small... more »

  • Just Like You!

    Just like you, to think I would fall...
    Sadness and jealousy make you so bitter
    Stop hating me because I am living mine
    Such a Sorry life such sorry game, such a shame... more »

  • Let Go

    You made me forget
    You made me laugh

    I did not know that you get your heart hurt twice... more »

  • Life

    Living life
    wondering if life exist
    loving the volume of my sounds
    today is the way it is... more »

  • Little Lies

    wash away my pain
    discovering its in my veins

    I smell the lilacs in my hair... more »

  • Living Life

    Never thought that I would get to this day

    Dreaming of the water on my face... the summer breeze took my breathe away.... more »

  • Losing Me

    Why do I feel like I am losing me..

    Everyday I lose apart of me............ I forget what I used to be....... more »