• A Criminal Poetic-Almost Clandestine

    My heart's rebelling...... more »

  • A Sliced Of Bread & Iris

    A siren buzzing waking my weak strength,
    Between death and life like walking under one inch bar,
    A barely sight, I thought a snow just falling...
    No I was wrong, ashes is falling...... more »

  • Behind My Words

    Welcome To the world of mine,
    Let me challenge the wisdom of your mind,
    Show me what you can find,... more »

  • Cause Of Death

    Once again...
    My eye meets the morning glow,
    The winds ring the bell on my window,
    Clinging and ringing when the winds blow,... more »

  • Entails Of The Flowers

    The natural beauty what men believe?
    Best friend of ladies so hard to resist,
    But flowers and human precisely persist,... more »

  • Final Destination....?

    Dedicate to you...
    Alive somewhere in the corner of the world,
    You made me to cover my sight and cover my tears...
    The only pieces that you left for me is your only memories...... more »

  • Friend Is Heart


    Begin with 1,2,3
    counting the number,
    Begin with A, B, C... more »

  • Sin After Sin

    Help me... Take my hand, please... Dearest...
    Free me from this neglected darkness,
    Break this cold chain and take me far from my fears,
    Hold me...Fade the sadness and dry my eye from tears,... more »

  • The Red Shoes Girl

    When I was a little boy,
    I wonder how taste is joy,
    My friend only toy.... more »

  • To Believe In What

    It's been rain in your heart for a long
    You locked your feel and pretend the wrong... more »