• 4 Years Later

    It all becomes twisted,
    When you are what you see,
    4 years ago, I would have never dreamed,
    I'm all I ever wanted,... more »

  • A Better Place

    Come my friend
    My soulless enemy
    Let me show you world
    Were we can both be free... more »

  • Addiction

    I have an addiction
    Its not to crack or cocaine
    But it gives me a high
    So I can make it through the day... more »

  • Alcohol

    I'm drunk,
    But that's no surprise
    A little alcohol,
    Makes you feel alive... more »

  • All Alone

    Nothing can help when your alone
    You call, but she won't answer the phone
    What did you do so wrong?
    That will make you hurt for so long... more »

  • Another Drink

    I'm drunk and its been this way for weeks
    every day a new bottle and I still feel weak
    The morning hangovers and the lack of sleep
    Make me feel better for the days of the week... more »

  • Betrayed By Love

    Some how time goes on
    But I feel trapped in the past
    No matter what I do I can't be free
    I prayed to god to end this lie... more »

  • Blow It All Up

    Lets make a bomb
    We can call it Oh Fawk
    Because that's what everyone will say
    When they see it go off... more »

  • Can'T Move On

    I check to see if you've called
    Every 2 seconds it seems
    I tried to forget you
    But its impossible for me... more »

  • Crushed

    You crushed me, Like a title wave
    I reached out for you, But you wouldn't save
    So now I'm drowning, In a thousand tears
    My heart calls for you, But you don't hear... more »

  • Darkness

    </>Ozzy told me to slow down
    But I took another drink
    I feel like I'm floating
    With my head over the sink... more »

  • Die Alone

    Grant me my final wish
    Let me die alone
    Fill my casket
    With these lifeless bones... more »

  • Empty

    Emptiness is filling me
    To the point where it hurts to breathe
    So much empty space
    Filled with so much hurt and pain... more »

  • Failure

    </>They told us to do our best
    And that God would handle the rest
    They told us to close our eyes and pray
    And that a savior would make it all okay... more »

  • Forever

    </>I wish I could just forget you
    Like a bad dream or faded memory
    But where ever I go your there
    Tormenting me day after day... more »

  • Give Me More

    </>Fill me with feelings
    Of emotional restraint
    Give me the power
    To give up again... more »

  • God

    If your so real, so majestic
    Show me your love,
    Let me feel it
    If your so powerful, so heroic... more »

  • Hate Me

    You say you hate me
    I told you I hate me to
    Disgusted by my own nature
    I feel like I'm drowning in regret... more »

  • Haunting Me

    One day you'll see
    The monsters that haunted me
    They may not effect you
    But they crushed me thru... more »

  • Have You Felt Like Me?

    Have you ever loved someone so much
    That you would throw away everything for?
    Have you ever hurt so bad
    That you don't want to breathe anymore?... more »

  • Hiding From Myself

    Running faster than words can chase
    Another monster seeing me face to face
    Try and hide and you will see
    The dark brings light to the enemy... more »

  • Home

    I hope your finally happy
    And I'm finally destroyed
    Becoming numb to everyone
    So that they can't get thru... more »

  • I Don'T

    I don't hurt, I don't cry
    I don't laugh, I don't sing
    I don't dance, I don't jump
    I don't feel free,... more »

  • I Hate This World

    Everyday when I wake up
    I feel like things will change
    Like this dark cloud will leave
    And this world will be sane... more »

  • I Hate You

    I can't believe I looked to you
    When you never cared for me
    Two long months and I still hate
    The thought of you makes me scream... more »