sky dreams Comments (3)

Upon reading all your poems, I can say that rarely is there so much poetic talent in one so young. This is not just my opinion, I hope that you continue to write and the only advice that I can give is not to overwork them once they are set on paper, emotions are often deep and raw and the poem should reflect that and not made 'pretty or palatable' for the reader. Poetry is deeply personal and is an expression of self that you allow your reader to share not dictate. Critic and lesson over! Great work, Sky, and keep it coming, it!
Hi I Think You Are A Very Good Writer You Ovibsiouly Have A Talent: D Keep Up The Good Work x
Hello sky dreams! I just read your poems.Like in any case of firsts exercises of writing, there are good things and bad words. It is better to write about everything but you must to be with four eyes...I am sure you have a model or a style, keep searching to find yourself, to be free, you alone and your poetry. I really like your words.God bless you