Umm....I've come from a rough past living in Gary, Indiana. But I'm finally proud of it. I'm different than many other teenagers of today. I think outside of the box all the time, and I'm really mature for my age. There's not much to say on here except I don't judge people, so inturn, don't judge me. I'm too complex to be judged, but if you wanna make a guess and try to stereotype me, you will be sadly mistaken.


Sky McCoy Poems

The Dove

She's so different
So much more mature than the rest
Determined to disappoint judgemental impurities
But yet I have held her so many times... more »

Nature's Rose

As the vast nature
blinds the eye by its beauty
the trees grow taller
the grasses grow greener... more »

You'Re Killing Me

Cutting into my internal personality
Driving the knife through my heart
The things that happen in life aren't just hurting me
Decaying my physical and mental image... more »

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