• Angel Of The Skies

    I string the bow of my musical instrument
    But my internal feelings are a bottled in sentiment
    I tire of this world filled with love and hate
    Makes me wonder if there is a such thing as a perfect soulmate... more »

  • Dreamcatcher

    Planning my dreams
    Listening to me weep
    Observing the lies
    Please someone here my cry... more »

  • Escaping Reality

    Everyone has their own way
    of escaping the tortures of life
    Some write, some daydream, some listen to the music of today
    These tools bring pleasure in repelling... more »

  • Harmful Measures

    I'm tired of living this decayed life
    Seeming always down I wish I contained the might
    People come to me full of emotions and venting
    throwing their problems at me I wish I started repenting... more »

  • In Loving Memory

    As I sit here writing this to you
    I remember the feeling that was once felt by two
    I remember how badly I wanted to take your pain away
    In my heart, just once I begged you to stay... more »

  • Its Only The Beginning

    Anger and hatred flow between the two
    Such emotions fill the body completely through
    Blind ambitions of hurt and pain
    Strengthen the darkness to lose, not to gain... more »

  • Nature's Rose

    As the vast nature
    blinds the eye by its beauty
    the trees grow taller
    the grasses grow greener... more »

  • Night Of The Flying Sky

    Soaring away on my fairytale wings
    Forgetful of so many horrible things
    My angelic wings spread open so wide
    There's no telling how long I will fly and why... more »

  • Numb

    Someone help me please! ! ! !
    Life is becoming so tragic
    I can't control my emotions neither my state of mind
    I'm dying on the inside... more »

  • Revitalized

    I'm not ashamed of who I've become
    Ive gone through many changes
    Numerous heartaches
    pain, hurt, broken feelings, low self-esteem... more »

  • The Dove

    She's so different
    So much more mature than the rest
    Determined to disappoint judgemental impurities
    But yet I have held her so many times... more »

  • You'Re Killing Me

    Cutting into my internal personality
    Driving the knife through my heart
    The things that happen in life aren't just hurting me
    Decaying my physical and mental image... more »