Skye Masen Biography

Well, I've lived in Sendai, Japan. I lived in Massachusetts for 6 years. I am fully Asian. But English is my best language. I am learning Spanish and I speak Japanese and English. I'm almost 15. I love to hang out with my best buddies! ! I've got the greatest friends, and they're from all around the world, Russia, Korea, China, Malaysia, America, etc etc. Lol. I like to have fun. And I love to shop! Hollister and Areopostal rockkkkk! And if you gotta problem with it... well not much I can do... is there? ? No I am not famous.. though I want to be when I'm olderrrr! Don't hesitate to talk to me! And plz comment my poems/lyrics! I get soooo bored at times. Haha, but even though my best language is English, I don't exactly understand it to the fullest. So ye... My dream is actually become a singer but... I can't sing so I can't. Haha. Weird innit? I'm good at cookingggg, my mum wants me to become a chef... but I only like to cook if I'm not told to do it.