• All Because Of You

    You hurt my friend
    You hurt her bad
    Now all she can think about is you
    and your dirty plans... more »

  • Dieing In The Inside

    Shes smiling on the outside
    But i can tell shes dieing in the inside
    Shes trying to hide her feelings for you
    But theirs no place to hide... more »

  • Dirty Tricks And Lies

    Last night I sat by my window
    Looking up at the stars
    Thinking of how hard I feel
    When you broke my heart... more »

  • Goodbye....

    I couldnt get to sleep last nite
    You were running through my mind
    I was trying to think of something happy
    Something that wouldnt make me cry... more »

  • I Love.....

    I love your eyes
    I love your smile
    I love your hair
    I love your Laugh... more »

  • I Never Loved You....

    When i got you
    I was soo happy
    I never knew we will fall apart
    That month we were together... more »

  • Jealousy......

    When you smile
    It makes me feel all happy inside
    But the only time you smile
    Is when your with her... more »

  • Missing You

    I used to think we had it all
    Till the day you moved away
    Left me with nothing but a broken heart
    I wish i said the 3 most important words... more »

  • Nowhere In Sight.....

    My love for you
    Will never end
    As these wasted days go by
    Thinking of you... more »

  • One And Only

    You are my one and only
    Even though you broke my heart
    Im now scared to talk to you
    Why did you say those mean things?... more »

  • The Lies

    All the lies you told me
    Are bundled up inside
    Im trying to hide my feelings for you
    But im already filled up with lies... more »

  • To Late

    I loved you
    Then you broke my heart
    So now my heart belongs to him
    You say you still love me... more »

  • Unable To Move

    She layed in bed
    To heart broken to move
    She look at the time
    School had started... more »