• Fabric Of Life

    the bullet rips through the night
    like a needle trailing a thread of blood
    mending together the fabric of my life,
    but the rain is falling and drowning me in self-guilt,... more »

  • Fate

    erase your fate
    choose your path
    submerge it in pills
    its still there... more »

  • Flood

    Into the flood i go
    washing away the past
    How long i should last
    no one knows... more »

  • Forest Of Sucides Part 1

    9 levels of hell
    i know where I'll be impaled
    nailed to a tree
    holding a noose... more »

  • Insane

    the coats are here
    take me away
    no stopping them
    why fight... more »

  • Lights

    Turn out the light
    flip the switch
    snuff the candle
    watch it go out... more »

  • Love?

    Love your hate
    Hate your love
    Its like it was never there
    Living to die... more »

  • Monster

    How low
    do i have to go
    to get you to see
    the monster... more »

  • Pills

    Take the pills
    to make you feel at home
    take some more
    so you can be a whore... more »

  • Smoke Alarm

    the smoke alarm has broken
    and im stuck in this prison
    alarm beeping
    every minute or so... more »

  • Waiting

    Waiting for sleep
    not for me
    for them
    let me leave... more »