• Get Glad

    No one knows where to go
    No one knows what to say
    They sit at home and think
    About what they might do one day... more »

  • Megan, Flowing Beauty

    Flowing beauty
    Everywhere I can see
    I wish I could be with her now... more »

  • Mr. Spud

    I had a good friend
    His name was Mr. Spud
    He just sat around all day
    Sat around like a sponge... more »

  • Oh! How She Is Loved

    Her wispy hair, flowing to and fro
    Her square brow, made to disapprove
    From her dainty hand, to her curved toe
    Oh! How she is loved... more »

  • Questions Of Time

    Questions come into mind
    Of the world and of more
    I wonder of ancient mankind
    What their role was for... more »

  • Van Burren Street

    There was a girl named Megan
    She sat on the corner beggin’
    She wanted some dough
    So she became a hoe... more »

  • You’re The One I Need

    Tonight we’re going out on the town
    I think I might have a break down
    I want this night to be really grand
    But I feel I’m drowning in quick sand... more »