• Autumn

    Summer sun already asleep,
    But what is strange that the trees covered with fire
    With bright red fire out of leaves,
    As if they where full of love and desire.... more »

  • Feels Good..

    I'm walkin through a busy street,
    And i don't know what waits ahead,
    All i know that there somewhere
    You're waiting for me there and it feels good.... more »

  • I Gave My Heart Away

    I took my full of sorrow heart
    I hid it far from all of them
    I hoped and prayed that day won’t come
    When once again it would be torn in game... more »

  • I Love You =]

    I want to show, how much i love you
    But words on paper- they are useless
    You stole my heart when i 1st saw you
    And now I'm sitting here clueless.... more »

  • I Was In Love

    I use to see in black and white
    With a desire of not existing
    But you came with a shiny light
    And brought the color that was missing... more »

  • Love

    I never knew that love does hurt
    I never knew it brings you pain
    Till day came when I understood
    That love is not a candy cane... more »

  • My Weakest Point

    My weakest point, is my obsession
    Perhaps to vague for my confession
    What set us free it caused oppression
    I try so hard with no succession.... more »

  • River

    Fingertips of rain
    Touched gently her face
    Heavy clouds looked down
    Angry, at her grace.... more »

  • Street Cat

    As silent as death
    It slides through the
    Under the streetlight, green eyes shone with wildness... more »

  • That Word

    That word. Which definition
    Is now rumble, not ambition.
    It has no meaning, simple gesture
    Of appreciation, solemn pressure.... more »

  • The Day When The Sea Had Swallowed Me

    The aquamarine waves glitter in the morning sun
    Sand burns my feet, I laugh, I run.
    I stop. White water licks my tiny feet
    My ice cream melts, so cold, so sweet.... more »

  • There Is No Point

    My crumpled world of screens and faces
    Ongoing fights and pointless chases
    I view my world in two dimensions
    I overflow with pointless questions... more »

  • When The Lights Go Off

    It happens
    When the lights go off,
    When you say good night,
    When you get into your bed,... more »

  • When We First Met

    When we first met it was an ordinary day
    At ordinary time, in ordinary place
    When we first met, I had so much to say
    But there was this space, the silent, empty space.... more »

  • Who You Are

    To be outstanding
    It is so simple-just stop pretending
    They are your rights, so stop defending
    Yourself, what is so bad in being who you are?... more »

  • Without It She Couldn'T Fly

    She glared at the dark night sky,
    Her gentle skin had felt the rain,
    She spread her wings, prepared to fly
    But crouched down in awful pain.... more »

  • You'Ll Stay In My Broken Heart Forever...

    I thought i was her closest friend,
    I thought- together till the end,
    That, our friendship will last long
    But i was very, very wrong...... more »