I am a Chinese University student, but I had already westernized from the very begining of my life when my mother read western history and fariytale to me when I was a baby.While basicly I am a Chinese poet of an ancient kind, for that's my root of my mind.Western culturea and Ancient Chinese culture, I emphize, the Ancient, not uglly mordern culuture make up my mind. I hate the tighten-controlled mordern culture, extremely, but I like the west, from building to religous, from science to art, all aspects I like them deeply.At last, wish you love my poem, and love me.


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Spirits Of The Dark Night-Poem Of A Chinese Colledge Student

Spirits of the Dark Night

Spirits of the dark night dancing in the sky
A vague view appears in the silent eye... more »

Mid Night Dancing-Gothic Poem-Of My Individual Style

我 的 哥 特 之 风

午 夜 之 舞 一... more »

My Love To Thee Is The Sun

My Love to Thee Is the Sun

My Love to thee is the Sun
Hanging high in the summer noon... more »

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