• Broken Friendship

    Broken Friendship

    I gave it an end, no, you did it…
    wait a second! That’s not relevant.... more »

  • I Have One…

    I have One Reason to say Enough
    I don’t want to think about YOU
    I only wound myself when thinking about you.
    Every day, it happens to me the same inevitable thing.... more »

  • I Promote Forgiveness

    I strongly promote Forgiveness, for One’s own Sake. Forgive! , forgive! , from the deepest of your heart. If you are reading this, consider forgiving that person you despise and just don’t want to forgive. I can say, I have learned how to forgive. It wasn’t until one of my love ones mentioned to me during a conversation, “Anyone who does wrong to another person, he/she will pay for it.” I pondered about it the entire day. I said to myself; I will leave it in God’s hand, and I will forgive, even if that means to set aside my dignity as woman I am. Now, I can say I have learned how to forgive. Today, I say to you, forgive, forgive for your own sake. Please, read the following poem, and if you have the felt the way I have, consider forgiveness. Don’t let yourself go through what I went through, don’t let your heart fill with unwanted feelings. Don’t poison your soul! , Just Don’t!

    Thanks God, I have overcome all of
    what I lived, the rough times I went through,... more »

  • La Llave Del Éxito

    La educación es relevante para que una persona alcance el éxito.
    La educación nos da la seguridad de llegar a se lideres.
    Excelentes Oportunidades son presentadas para los profesionales.
    El futuro de una persona puede tornarse incierto si ella carece de educación; Una persona inculta no tiene el conocimiento de lo que el destino le pueda deparar.... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    I have experienced Love at First Sight

    We just met each other,
    and I have the certainty... more »

  • Love, More Than Words!

    Love is transmitted through the Beats of One’s Heart!

    Love is Unconditional.
    It’s Crystalline such as a flowing river.... more »

  • The Key To Success

    Education is relevant for a person to be successful.
    Education empowers a person to become a leader.
    Great opportunities are presented to professionals.
    The future of a Person can be unpredictable if she lacks education;... more »