• A Big Story

    Life is a big story
    And every good story
    Has others deep within
    The secret lies in knowing... more »

  • A Love Poem

    In the darkness I stand
    Watching the stars at night...
    And as I sit on the sand
    I know that soon shall come my knight...... more »

  • About This

    It is a little weird sometimes
    To feel that you want to run away,
    Or maybe just rip them off;
    And right then, when resolves are made,... more »

  • Angel

    There he is, waiting for her
    His blue eyes wandering
    From bird to worm, it
    Is all but lost, and she... more »

  • Black, White And Me

    Black and white…Don’t say a word,
    Little stars shine down there…
    From up here, so little…
    Ants rush and rush… Run!... more »

  • Blessing Or Curse?

    Oh dear me! Oh dear me!
    The stars are becoming dark!
    The night is turning red!
    The sadness that hunts my heart... more »

  • Blind To Me

    Let me stay here a little longer
    Hold my dreams… Just help me hold ‘em
    The sky is dark now… Dark. Dark.
    My wishes. My desires. My needs.... more »

  • Change The World

    I wonder why I get so sad
    I just can't understand
    It's not the end of the world
    Just transitory pain of my world... more »

  • Dark

    Dark outside
    Laughs at night
    Eyes that crawl
    Don't want to look.... more »

  • Diffusion And Friendship

    Scattered, lost, almost unrecognizable;
    She plays again, tries to match the pieces,
    But it doesn’t matter how much
    Her little hands roll up or twist around,... more »

  • Dissapointment

    Some people say I’m clever
    Put their hands in fire
    Because they are sure
    I know the answer... more »

  • Do You?

    Your words hurt my heart
    Your touch burns my skin
    Don’t you get you’re not of my kin?
    Don’t you get you’ve got no part?... more »

  • Empty Night

    The night is empty
    You say it’s ok
    But it’s not, I know
    How can emptiness ever be ok?... more »

  • Fairness

    If it were in the hands of the above,
    To hold me alive and dreaming;
    If it were indeed in their hands,
    To let me breathe and live...... more »

  • Falling Apart

    Even if the stars
    Don’t want to say goodbye;
    It is clear, we all know,
    That everything is falling apart.... more »

  • Fell In Love

    Beware the words!
    Beware the touch!
    Beware the feelings
    In your heart!... more »

  • For A Man In The Skies

    To the heavens: hear my plea
    To the clouds: please bring comfort
    To the Sun: please lighten us all…
    There, really high above in the skies... more »

  • Future

    Sometimes, when the red line
    Covers the horizon and the
    Sky is dyed pitch-solemn-black
    Looking through the big window... more »

  • Giving More

    Is our night, what we expect?
    Are our hearts as pure as in the start?
    Can we say we’ve grown older?
    Is it enough now for you?... more »

  • Hope And Birds

    I have been told many things;
    World, please keep your faith.
    Some say there is no good;
    World, please keep your faith.... more »

  • I Want To Believe

    I look around
    No soul, no heart
    A big crowd around
    No thoughts, no lives.... more »

  • I'Ll Teach You

    Why do I feel tears?
    There’s nothing to cry about
    It seems like a century already
    It seems like it won’t last…... more »

  • In This Box

    In this box, I have a heart..
    It beats, it moves, it yells...
    Sometime now, you've broken
    That seal I placed for me...... more »

  • It's Not True

    Let’s pretend it’s not true
    Let’s just say it can’t be
    Why? Try to find a lie
    To explain to this heart... more »

  • Just Once Again

    My verses, like once ago
    Do not speak of beauty
    Nor hope, nor love
    I look at my hand... more »