Sofia Papadimitri Comments (4)

Thank you for your very kind words about my work. I have to say your pieces really intrigued me, both in style and content and your appreciation of what I've attempted to do has been unexpected and I am grateful for it. Thank you again and kepp writing!
If you're not a poet - who is? Very much enjoyed your work. 'Once' was special. Like your style throughout.
wow your poem are soo good and i mean really good really beat my sort 5 minete poem your poems will take 20 days for me to write
Hi Sofia, thank you for your comment. Somehow I write so much poetry on pain it comes as second nature to me And I don't realise it I could never write about love Maybe not right now Love that evades me Yes, I don't hate men, just the circumstances I have read your poetry Brilliant Verses that have hidden messages Messages only you understand Keeping it public, yet so private to you The words a colorful illustration I cannot wait to read the rest of your work Vina