• A Birthday Letter

    As you don't want me anymore to wish you a happy birthday,
    I'll be far apart as a beggar dressed in rags from a happy carnival.

    Get to the party as soon as you can, leaving me hungry by the street,... more »

  • A School Of Life-Lore

    Time sets me thinking of a school of life-lore.
    If you go through each of its twists and turns,
    life's every page will startle you a lot more.... more »

  • A Scumbag's New Year

    for Amir Khasru Swapan

    Days are scenes slipping past a train's window.
    And when every New Year comes, it crashes... more »

  • Ain't It That Tagore's Spectre?

    for Amit Kumar Dhar

    ''We have one sap and one root - -
    Let there be commerce between us.''... more »

  • Alphabet Of Compromise


    I'm afraid fears often creep into you like splinters
    as you hear him once again - drunk, bumping... more »

  • Apostles Of The New Age

    1. To the Apostle of Killing Degeneration

    Thunderlight had startled your eyes like an ape's,
    and the ministers you ushered into a dungeon... more »

  • Based On Wars Reported

    (for Sadia Arman)

    This way to glory... This way to the grave.
    - "From A German War Primer" by Bertolt Brecht... more »

  • Blueprint Of Lies


    It's raining, once again like before, in torrents.
    I remember you as much in my dreams... more »

  • Bottles Of Anxiety

    Genies in Arabian Nights serve our curiosities,
    and the monsters we read about in school-
    books of fairytales, too. But we aren't kids... more »

  • Burns And Blisters

    I'm afraid promises burst as a child's balloons
    on barbed-wires, not that smooth like bubbles
    do on Grandpa's backyard mud-pool. Nothing's... more »

  • Chance Encounters

    for Aali Areefur Rehman

    1.... more »

  • Custard Apples

    After school, I used to climb at home
    the one and only custard apple tree;
    (our house was lonelier all day... more »

  • Discordant Harmony


    Poets my ancestors in Charyapada
    talked a dialect that I myself don't know;... more »

  • Disjecta Membra

    for Geoffrey Hill

    1.... more »

  • Do Something Against Pain

    Don't flee from weeding out your good old brain.
    There's time when you can drug your fears to sleep.
    Go find the way to do something against pain.... more »

  • Drafting An Advice

    for Shayaan my son

    Son, do not write poems, ungrateful as dreams -
    whatever color they are, to hypnotize you... more »

  • Drizzle On The Grassfield

    On this grassfield, I roll like a ball
    in the drizzle, melting this torrid
    heat and sweat - agents of agitation.... more »

  • Falling In Love

    Falling in love doesn't care whether it's time
    to watch an oil tanker go burst and drown.
    Say it happens without reason or rhyme.... more »

  • Granny's Quilt

    for my mother

    he shows me a photo of his granny seven years dead
    clasps it closer to his heart the collier of memories... more »

  • Great Anarch, Tread

    for Kaiser Haq

    1.... more »

  • Home Away From Home

    for Dom Moraes 1938-2004

    1.... more »

  • Impasse

    for Caroline Durieux

    ‘The old poetic rubbish played an important part in my alchemy of words…then I would explain my magic sophistries with the hallucination of words! I ended up by finding sacred the disorder of my spirit.'
    - Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell... more »

  • In A Coaltar-Black Jungle


    You come with a camera slung on your back:
    the whole caboodle of it's never been so urbane;... more »

  • In Folly's Cocoon

    As darkness drops, I wonder what you have in store to say
    when love or something like it darkens on every way.

    What profit will you draw from a wild disease of the heart?... more »

  • In Love With A Gorgon

    At the time of the sun's spitting saffron out in the sky,
    my life turned into a dazzling Gorgon and smiled.

    The Gorgon with her snaky hair and tempting eyes... more »